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Payroll in a Box offers a fully supported white label version of the established PAYE employment business.


How would you like to save 5-15% of your payroll costs while remaining 100% HMRC compliant. With our exclusive product we can quickly enable business owners to establish their own third party payroll company. 


There are many businesses that employ staff on full time contracts, when in fact an alternative means of engagement would provide the business with substantial reductions in the costs of employment. Companies, such as recruitment agencies, might use an external payroll provider to employ their large workforces of temporary contractors. By opting to outsource the employment and payroll function to a third party, they make savings on the cost of employing staff.​

The benefits of owning your own payroll company

In addition to the cost savings the payroll provider will not only turn a profit but also provide strong cash flow benefits. We guide you every step of the way understanding the latest HMRC regulations and employment law. Our experience in the intricacy of employment contracts means we can help you every step of the way, we make processing your payroll as simple as it can be.

  • Improved cash flow

  • Earn more revenue from your workforce

  • Reduce the need for Invoice discounting/factoring

  • Increase candidate pay while lowering charge out rates

  • Remove the burden of pension auto enrolment

  • Become more attractive for exit and acquisition

  • Peace of mind by ensuring your own compliance

  • A simple out of the box, fully supported solution

  • Visibility and consistency of service to your workforce​​



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